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SCHOOL PROJECT –   Itinerary of knowledge on historical Sicilian cheeses for young and kids

CoRFiLaC, regarding dairy information programs on dairy sector and the food culture in general,has launched a promotional campaignforhistorical and traditionalSiciliancheeses and on health properties for a correct nutrition, choosingas a targetthe younger generation.

Through the “School Project”, CoRFiLaC staff develops activities in collaboration with young students of Primary and Secondary Schools of Sicily, that address the issues facing the entire circuit of the dairy chain and on the food culture for a correct nutrition, using the “learning by doing” technique.

We believe that this technique is the best strategy for students so that they can understand the basic principles of cheese-making processes of the traditional Sicilian cheeses and the importance of their nutritional value. In addition, this technique is used by CoRFiLaC researchers to study if consumers attitude is aimed for the traditional cheese consumption than the industrial one.

CoRFiLaC for more than a decade has created a group of young consumers that are involved,  through the combination game – cheese – game in different interviews to verify the approach for the use of cheese and food. The data collected, during the activities, are elaborated and analyzed through statistical methods and are the demonstration of how necessary is to continue, inform and educate young consumers who are grappling with an offer of myriads of industrial products that are the result of globalization and which unfortunately risk being normalized and entering more and more into the food habits and customs of families.


Msz. Patrizia Campo, p.campo@corfilac.it

Msz. Linda Migliorisi, migliorisi@corfilac.it