Microbiology Laboratory

Microbiology Laboratory

The microbiology laboratory conducts activity of analysis and experimentation at the service of different CoRFiLaC research area through the application of classical microbiology technique supported by the use of biotechnologies and by the new molecular biotechnology of PCR. In the last years the research activity followed two main branches:

  • Characterization of autochthonous microflora of the historical Sicilian cheeses
  • Safety food of raw milk cheeses

An important role has the characterization of autochthonous microflora of the raw milk and the traditional wooden equipment for the safeguard of the typical biological heritage of the Sicilian dairy productions. These two factors represent the main reasons of the cheesemaking process and of the biochemical events responsible of the developing of the organoleptic peculiarity of the cheese.

The microbiology lab take advantage not only of the phenotypic conventional methods of the microbiology but also of the modern molecular methods to characterize the cultures at a different taxonomic levels and to discern single biotype within the species.

The microbiology lab it’s crucial for the realization of the primary objective of CoRFiLaC: to demonstrate the safety of raw milk Sicilian cheeses.

In fact, the microbiology lab, to supervise the possible presence of pathogen bacteria both in dairy products and traditional equipment, uses an innovative system for the bacterial identification based on the technique of the DNA amplification, the BAX® System.

Regarding the theme of the food safety, specific research projects are underway for the bio-typification (standardization) of the historical Sicilian cheeses’ microbial ecosystem and of the traditional wooden equipment used in the cheesemaking processes.

The microbiology lab also supports the activity of the experimental cheese pilot plant for the HACCP controls and offers a support to the producers for the quality raw milk controls and the improvement of the farm management.

The laboratory addresses particular regard to the activity of analytical service to the farmers, agronomists, technicians of the dairy sector through the milk quality control for the improvement of the farm’s management.

The microbiological analysis are performed on traditional culture medium on plate and Petrifilm to for the technological and hygienic health evaluation of milk and derivatives and operates in compliance with the requirements of the UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2005. reference Accredia number 0316


The laboratory constantly participates in inter – laboratory circuits organized by recognized national and international bodies in order to be able to control and guarantee the reliability of analytical results for:

  1. Total bacterial count at 30°C
  2. Presence of inhibitors.