Improvement of Dairy Farms Management of Appenino Campano Area Producing Milk: “Nobilat”

S. La Terra 1 ∗, T. Rapisarda 1, G. Campisi 1, L. Corallo 1, A. Di Falco 1, G. Farina 1, G. Giurdanella 1, C. Guardiano 1, M. Ottaviano 1, G. Azzaro 1, and G. Licitra 2

1-Consorzio Ricerca Filiera Lattiero Casearia, Regione Siciliana, Ragusa, 97100, Italy
2-DISPA, Università degli Studi di Catania, 95100, Italy


The dairy products quality is highly influenced by animal feeding that affects chemical physical and sensorial characteristics of milk and cheese. The proper forages conservation allows to preserve nutritional value and at least it represents the critical control point in order to minimize the potential presence of toxic substances like mycotoxins. The quality of forage influence milk yield, sensorial, aromatic and nutraceutical properties of milk, as well as animal’s health. The aim of this project “A new model for revitalizing the bovine milk: Nobilat” was to improve milk production of small farms located in the Appenino Campano area by studying the whole dairy production process: from management to milk. Results showed a good quality of hays, comparable to published data, characterized by a different chemical composition, depending of cutting time, drying system and storage. The milk samples showed fat and protein values comparable to a good milk quality data. The study of the management allowed also to improve the milk safety reducing microbiological contamination and somatic cells.

Keywords: Management, Milk Quality, Forage Quality.

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Stefania La Terra