Aromatic and sensory profile of Bouhezza raw goat milk cheese

Asma Senoussi 1,2*, Tereza Rapisarda 3, Zineddine Saoudia 1, Ouarda Aissaoui Zitoun 1, Giovanni Marino 3, Gianni Belvedere 3, Mohammed Nesreddine Zidoune 1, Stefania Carpino 3

1-Laboratory of Nutrition and Food Technology (LNTA), Equipe TEPA, INATAA. Universitè Frères Mentouri Constantine 1, Route de Ain El Bey-Constantine, Algéria

2- Departement de Biologie Appliquée, Faculté de Sciences èxactes et SNV Université Larbi Tebessi- Tebessa, Algéria

3- CoRFiLaC, Consorzio di Ricerca Filiera Lattiero-Casearia, Regione Siciliana, s.p. 25 km 5 Ragusa-Mare, 97100 Ragusa, Italy


Bouhezza is an Algérian traditional cheese manufactured and ripened inside a goat skin bag “Djeld”. The aim of this study was to characterize the unknown aromatic profile of Bouhezza goat chese during ripening by using SMart Nose, Gas Chromatography Olfactometry (GC/O) tecniques as well as to evaluate cheese sensory profile. Two experimental trials conducted in 2016/2017 respectively, using the same traditional process and two goatskin bag “Djeloud”, otaining two batches of Bouhezza cheese. A total of 12 cheese samples, for each experimental trials, was collected only the first month of ripening at regular intevervals of 7 days, and then every 15 days of the end of ripening (30th, 45th, and 60th days) and were analyzed by SMart Nose to investigate volatile profile during cheese ripening. Cheese samples from the first trial carried out in 2016 were studied during manufacturing-ripening by Solid-Phase Microextraction-Gas Chromatography-Olfactometry [SPME-GC-O] and cheese samples from the second trial carried out in 2017 were analyzed by Steam Distillation-Gas Chromatography-Olfactometry [SD-GC-O] to detect odor active compounds changes. SMart Nose results showed that Bouhezza volatile profile depended on both the type of goatskin bags used in the cheese making and ripening time. Different results were obtained by using two different extraction methods (SPME vs SD). Bouhezza goat cheese is a white paste acid with slightly piquancy taste characterized by its medium salty taste.

Keywords: Bouhezza goat cheese, Goatskin bag <<Djeld>>, SMartNose, olfactometry, aromatic profile, sensory profile  

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Asma Senoussi